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Hiya Sarah
I just wanted to let you know that i got the charm today and i
absolutely love it, thank you so much, I can't tell you how much it means to know that,
apart from the wonderful memories i'll always have of Ben, i've now
also got something physical that i'll be able to keep forever.

What you do really is truly magical.

Thank you.
Jess xx

Many thanks Sarah for the beautiful impression which we picked up last week,
a keepsake to treasure forever! Tom thought it was lovely too, a really nice surprise.

Hope you're keeping well, when's your due date again? We're in Treasure
Island all the time, I'm sure we'll see you there again, maybe I'll get my
own hand done the next time.....!

Fiona XX

Not sure if Mike e mailed you (he was talking about it) but the necklace and
cufflinks have arrived and we are both delighted with them. Thanks for
making them for us! They really are special and whilst we didn't go for the
hand print thing when the kids were tiny. I feel chuffed to have these now,
before the boys grow up and don't feel like children any more! I am carrying
my children with me in a special love heart every day. That's lovely.

Simon absolutely loved the cufflinks, he really likes cufflinks anyway, but says these are his best pair (over the ones his g'ma gave him for his 18th and the ones I gave him as a wedding present!!) so glad to hear you keep them on file as his is prone to losing the odd one, although has said he's not going to wear them if there is the chance he might!!
Kind regards

Hi Sarah
Have just received the hand and foot impression and wanted to let you know that I am really thrilled with it. It looks gorgeous and is mounted beautifully. I am so pleased that I had it done as looking at him he has grown so much already and I will never be able to get those weeks back, so what a perfect memento.
Thanks for all your hard work

Dearest Sarah,
Recently my daughter presented me with a piece of your jewelry, a silver heart with her very own fingerprint and name. This is a most wonderful gift and I shall wear and treasure it always. I dislike any idea of 'gushing' and never before have I felt the urge to write to someone in praise of their craftsmanship, but I just wanted you to know that your talent and artistry has given me great joy.
Thank you so very much.

Hi Sarah,
I have been really pleased with the first necklace and bracelet set I bought recently. I would like to order another chunky silver bracelet with two heart charms, the same as before. I know that you have kept my girl's moulds, so look forward to another great memento.
Thank you.

Just a little note to say such a huge thank you for the beautiful necklace you made for me. It completely surpassed my expectations and it is so special. Thank you also for rushing it through in time for my birthday.
Thank you for your excellent service. I have passed your number on to a few friends who want one too. Thank you again.

Hi Sarah,
We went to go and have some family photos done last week and my husband decided to wear his new cufflinks for the first time as he's so proud of them!
Many thanks

Hi Sarah,
I hope you and the children are well, and you newest
baby is doing well.
I wanted to say a big thank you for the cufflinks that we organised for Christmas. I presented them to my husband who just loved them!
Kindest regards

Hi Sarah
Sorry for the delay, but just thought I'd let you know the necklace turned
up as expected and it's wonderful. Love it. Thank you
I think I may have mentioned to you when I came to look at the necklaces
that I was looking to have a hand print done. Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi Sarah
I have just received the cufflinks thank you so much they are lovely.
Best regards


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