Silver Mini Hand and Feet Jewellery

Inkless Prints instructions

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1. Ensure that the baby/child's hand or foot is clean and dry.

2. Remove the wipe from the packet and wipe the hand or foot with the wipe, making sure that you completely covered the bottom of the foot or the palm of the hand.

3. Please be careful not to touch the paper with your fingerprints as it will mark the sheet (your fingerprints will develop in the same way as the baby's hand or foot!) You may find it easier if one person wipes the foot/hand and the other person takes the print on the paper so they do not touch the wipe at all. Alternatively you could wear gloves and then remove them before taking the prints.

4. Press the wiped hand/foot onto the paper, making sure that you print onto the side which has NOT been marked by Make an impression label. It is recommended that you place the paper against a board of some sort i.e. a placemat or book to ensure it is supported and you have something to press the hand or foot against. You may wish to secure it with some blue tack. Make sure the hand/foot does not move when on the paper as it may result in a smudged print. It is recommended that you press the heel onto the paper first and then roll the foot towards the toes, this way you should reach all parts of the foot. With young babies this process is always easier when the baby is relaxed or even asleep.

5. Lift the hand/foot carefully up and away from the paper and you are finished! Your print will develop and you will begin to see the detail appear.

TIP: You may even be able to get multiple prints on each sheet of paper. We will then select the best print.

Even though this is non-toxic and is used in hospitals on new-born babies, please wipe your child's hand or foot with a wet wipe or warm soapy water when finished to remove any traces of the wipe's solution.

Please ensure that your child does not put their hand in their mouth while it has the solution on the skin. This is just a recommended precaution although we have not heard of any instances where it can harm your child. When the wipe has been opened it must be used immediately.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to talk through the process before you start.
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