Silver fingerprint jewellery kit

Ordering Jewellery

We recommend that fingerprint Jewellery impressions only be taken on children over the age or 4 months. This is when the childs fingerprint is better
developed and defined.

To order your Jewellery Mould kits contact Sarah at the studio 01751 430 927 and place your order direct where you can pay by credit/debit card or make an appointment where I can take the fingerprint mould in person. If I'm not about send me and email at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

We take a £10 deposit per kit however this is then deducted when you return your fingerprint moulds for production from the total of your order.

The kit will include full instructions of how to make an impression and an order form for you to select which product(s) you wish to buy, offering various shapes of charms and jewellery options.

Ordering Impressions
For clay and raised impressions we need to physically take the impression so call the studio 01751 430 927 to make an appointment.

All impressions whether it be for jewellery or clay can be taken at our studio 01751 430 927, apppointments available Monday - Sunday at our mutual convenience, or why not meet me at one of the Make and impression events throughout the year.

Making Payment
Payment can be made by cheque/cash through the post or at our studio or credit/debit card on placement of the order. Card payments can be taken over the phone at the studio or on location.

How Long Does it Take?
For all impressions production takes between 4 to 6 weeks once payment received and completed jewellery kits returned. However if you require faster turnaround call the studio and we'll try to accommodate. Alternatvely you could purchase a gift voucher over the telephone.
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